Rethinking Mobility: Putting People First (2019)

Rethinking Mobility: Putting People First envisions the vibrancy of a city that puts people first in its planning, policies, development, and mobility systems.

Published on The Citymaker, Think City’s online magazine, this article examines the manifold costs of allowing cars to remain a city’s primary mode of transport. The environmental, economic, and public health costs of car-focused cities are contrasted with the high quality of life afforded by investing in alternatives.

“Well-written with humour and in-depth research, gathered all the good insights regarding urban development projects around the world, and made relatable comparisons so that locals can understand easily.” – Reader’s comment

The article can be viewed here.

Cities 101 (2018)

Cities 101 is a five-part series that aims to engage a broad audience in urban issues.

The series emphasises the urgency and importance of sustainable development, highlights new trends in urbanism, and advocates for a shift from car-centric to people-centric planning. It encourages civic participation in city-making and calls for better walkability and public spaces.

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