“Yan is imaginative and experimental — she seeks opportunities to try out new ideas and delivers creative alternatives to achieve her goals. Her ability to convey ideas vividly and to turn a vision into execution is an inspiration to many, including me. She genuinely cares about other people, giving others her full attention to make sure they feel valued. Yan possesses all the qualities that lead to success in a workplace.”

Ernest Poon,
Assistant Manager (Play Environment),
Playright Children’s Play Association (Hong Kong)

“Yan is one of the rare individuals who are committed to their work and serious about delivering positive outcomes. She is always open-minded in accepting feedback, and possesses the clock speed to tweak and change course accordingly. Such attributes are particularly important as we navigate a highly unknown post-COVID world, where the ability to learn, unlearn, and adapt are qualities that are almost compulsory. 

Yan exemplifies these qualities, further bolstered by her high clock speed which allows her to quickly grasp concepts and simplify them for the layperson. Her open-mindedness is coupled with strong EQ, giving her an innate ability to build teamwork and consensus. Yan’s high integrity and strong values make her trustworthy. She reliably lives up to her promises and executes to perfection.”

Jack Lim,
Co-Founder & Trustee,
Bukit Bintang Foundation;
Founding President,
KL Society (Malaysia)

“Yan’s approach goes far beyond her official scope of work: she thinks holistically about how her work can improve the organisation and the world at large. When she notices problems, she takes the initiative to solve them, pushing for systemic and structural change. She works carefully and meticulously, systematically ensuring every last detail is in place before deeming her work complete.

In addition, Yan is a pleasure to work with. She is a masterly communicator who achieves clear understanding and deftly manages expectations — all with a smile on her face. Her patience is unparalleled. Yan is also very open-minded: she welcomes input from others, seeing this as an opportunity to learn and to further improve her work. These qualities enable her to form strong working relationships with both clients and colleagues.” 

Azim Jameel,
UX/UI Designer,
BizIT (Brunei)

“I had the pleasure and honour of working with Yan. From the moment I met her, I was greeted with a strong, professional, and warm presence, which made working with her an absolute ease. Yan excels at connecting with others. By drawing from her vast knowledge on a diverse range of subjects, Yan is naturally able to engage anyone in conversation, regardless of the conversation topic.

Besides her exemplary interpersonal skills, Yan consistently produces high-quality work within a tight time frame, always exceeding expectations with the quality of her work. Her thoroughness and attention to detail are evident not only in her writing, but in the way she approaches every project she takes on. She upholds a high degree of ownership and accountability in all her endeavours.

My list of reasons why Yan would be an asset to any organisation could go on, but those qualities will be obvious as soon as you meet her. Her charisma will speak for itself.”

Valerie Nathan,
School Administrator,
Anyaman Preschool (Malaysia)

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